Baptism and Confirmation



People of all ages can be baptized at Christ Church. We baptize by sprinkling Holy Water. (does Jeff want to include immersion possibilities?) The United Methodist Church recognizes baptisms at any age from other Christian denominations and United Methodist churches and therefore does not “re-baptize”.

We want to make your baptism a memorable occasion. We look forward to assisting your family with planning this special day.

To learn more or schedule a baptism please contact Pam Salter



Confirmation refers to the decision a person makes to respond to God’s grace with intentional commitment, publicly reaffirming his or her baptismal vows before the congregation. During confirmation class, one learns about the meaning of our Christian faith, the history and teachings of The United Methodist Church, and an explanation of the baptismal and membership vows they will be professing.


Confirmation Classes are held twice a year. Each Class is 6 weeks long and concludes in a worship service on a Sunday morning when one publicly affirms their Christian faith. Classes meet Sunday Evenings for 8 weeks – For more information, click here.